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Wendy K. Ziegler, PE, CDT                                                Senior Project Engineer


Wendy K. Ziegler, PE has over 25 years of civil engineering experience, including a wide range of assignments such as project management, planning, funding, design and construction engineering for water, recycled water, and water tank projects. Her expertise includes master planning, permitting, site development, and design of water and recycled water pipelines, water pump stations, and storage facilities. She also has a wide variety of experience working with Cities and Special Districts providing development review, preparation of public works standards, easement acquisition, and construction observation. She has provided private consulting engineering services, including: water and wastewater design, use permitting and master planning for wineries. Ms. Ziegler joined the staff of Lescure Engineers, Inc. in January 2016. Her recent project experience while employed by GHD, formerly Winzler & Kelly, is described below.


B.S./1986/Civil Engineering/University of Dayton/ OH
Advanced Management Institute (AMI) Project Management Course, January - July 2002


Civil/PA #PE055576

Civil/CA #70073

Construction Documents Technologist, CDT Certification


Napa Sanitation District - Phase 1 of Stanly Ranch Wastewater System Project

Ms. Ziegler served as project manager and engineer for design and construction for the installation of 2,290 feet of a 24-inch recycled water line and 8-inch sanitary sewer force main, bundled in a horizontal directional drill under the Napa River. This was the longest and largest bundled HDD project for the San Francisco Bay Area. The project was completed December 2013.

Napa Sanitation District - Phase 2 of Stanly Ranch Wastewater System Project

Ms. Ziegler served as project manager and engineer for design and construction for the installation of approximately 1,800 feet of a 24-inch recycled water line and 6-inch sanitary sewer force main utilizing to connect Phase 1 of the Stanly Ranch Wastewater System Project to a future Sanitary Sewer pump station and the Los Carneros Recycled Water line project. This phase of the project was completed May 2015 on time in order for the Los Carneros Recycled Water Pipeline phase 1 project to connect.

Town of Yountville - Recycled Water Project

Ms. Ziegler served as project manager, design engineer and construction administrator. She prepared the Feasibility Study and Facilities Planning Report for the California State Water Board to obtain a loan for the design and construction of the Town of Yountville’s Recycled Water System. Provide design and construction services for the addition of approximately 5,200 feet of 8-inch recycled water line to add new customers. The design also included pump station upgrades to install pumps and motors and installation of a SCADA control system for the new and old system. The project was completed December 2014.

City of Petaluma - East Washington Park Project

The East Washington Park Project is the development of approximately 24 acres for public recreational use consisting of athletic playing fields that are artificial and natural turf, playground equipment, bike trails, parking, and BMX facilities. Ms. Ziegler served as project manager and oversaw design development of overall park and Phase 1 construction documents for the park. Phase 1 of the project, completed February 2015, include 3 synthetic turf fields, water, sewer and recycled water, access road and parking. .

Lake Berryessa Resort Improvement District - Water Storage Tank Replacement Project

Ms. Ziegler was project manager for design for the replacement of 3 existing redwood tanks with powder coated bolted steel tanks. The project included a water system analysis to determine pumping and storage requirements for the system as the basis of design. Construction was to be completed the summer of 2016.

City of American Canyon - 1.0 MG Recycled Water Storage Tank Project

Ms. Ziegler served as project manager design engineer. The Project included preparation of a construction package for the recycled water tank project to allow the City to move forward with construction of the recycled water system, retain the Prop 50 funding and provide time for staff to explore funding mechanisms for the potable water storage tank. She provided construction support services for the recycled water tank project throughout construction, reviewing submittals and RFIs and attending weekly site meetings. She also provided ongoing coordination with the State Water Board during construction of the tank. The tank was constructed on time and within budget in 2010.

City of American Canyon - Green Island Road Recycled Water Pipeline Project

Ms. Ziegler served as project manager for the design and construction support. The project included construction of approximately 6,600 feet of 12-inch, Class C 900, Schedule 200 PVC recycled water main with two railroad crossings utilizing jack and bore. The segments of work are the intersection of Commerce Boulevard/Green Island Road to Paoli Loop Road/Green Island Road (approx. 4,200’); then south along Paoli Loop Road to a point approximately 35’ north of the centerline of the RR tracks (approx. 2,400’). The new 12-inch RCW line will connect to an existing recycled water line in Paoli Loop under the overpass of Highway 29. This project was required to maintain Grant funding from the State Water Board for operation of the City’s Recycled Water (RCW) System by 2010, the project has been completed.

City of Rohnert Park - City Center Plaza and Drive Improvements

Ms. Ziegler served as project manager for professional engineering services and management of Transportation for Livable Community (TLC) funding for the project administered through Caltrans. The project consisted of new bulbouts at the intersection of City Center Drive and State Farm Drive, streetscape improvements on the southern side of City Center Drive including sidewalks, lighting, trees, drainage and other similar improvements terminating at a new plaza/park at the eastern terminus of City Center Drive, in the vacant lot next to the City of Rohnert Park Public Safety Building.

City of American Canyon - High Pressure Water Tank and Pump Station

Ms. Ziegler was project manager for design of a new potable water tank and pump station that will pump potable water from the future low pressure potable water storage tank to the high pressure tank and serve a new pressure zone for the City.
Reference: Cheryl Braulik,PE, Senior Engineer, 707-647-4588.

City of American Canyon - Watson Lane Water Line Design

Ms. Ziegler provided design and construction services for approximately 2,000 lf of a 12-inch water main improvement project within the City’s water service area.

Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District – Photo Voltaic Project

Ms. Ziegler served as project manager for a design build photo voltaic project. Provided funding assistance with $1.1 Million in USDA grant funding and California Solar Imitative grant monies from PG&E. Provided reporting to USDA for funding reimbursements during construction.

Napa Colorado, LTD, St. Regis Annexation to Napa Sanitation District

Ms. Ziegler was project manager for providing engineering consulting services to Napa Colorado, LLC, to prepare a wastewater feasibility study for the St. Regis. The study compared onsite treatment and connection to Napa Sanitation District treatment plant. The study evaluated wastewater streams from the St. Regis resort, restaurants, and process water from a winery on-site. .

Jeffrey S. Loe, P.E.






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