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Peter J. Lescure, PE, CDT                  Principal Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor


Peter J. Lescure, P.E. established Lescure Engineers in 1979. As company President and Principal, Mr. Lescure applies his education and experience, ranging from planning through construction, to engineering, surveying and management of the firm’s projects. He has served as expert witness in numerous legal disputes involving civil engineer, land surveying and wastewater treatment systems. Mr. Lescure is the firm’s principal surveyor and has supervised and directed numerous topographic and boundary surveys utilizing total station, global positioning and photogrammetric methods.

Formerly a General Engineering contractor, Pete Lescure has supervised construction of a wide range of roadways, concrete structures, storm drains, utilities and foundations as well as many types of onsite wastewater treatment and disposal systems. Mr. Lescure’s construction experience informs his review of plans prepared by staff engineers and designers so that plans can be built as designed, thereby minimizing change orders. Some of Mr. Lescure’s more notable projects are described below.


Prior to establishing Lescure Engineers, Mr. Lescure was employed by the City of Palo Alto in traffic engineering and transportation planning and by URS Corporation in San Mateo in environmental analysis and planning.


1973  Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, California State University, San Jose, CA


Professional Civil Engineer, State of California  RCE 28044

General Engineering Contractor, Class A, State of California  427453  Inactive Status

Construction Documents Technologist, Construction Specifications Institute


Graton Community Services District – Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Mr. Lescure is the former District Engineer for the Graton Community Services District. He served as advisor to the Graton Wastewater Committee throughout the successful process of District formation. Lescure Engineers conducted a boundary survey, delineating the boundary between District Lands and the West County Trail owned by Sonoma County Regional Parks. Lescure Engineers surveyed and prepared legal descriptions for the PG&E Gas Line Easements which cross private property to serve the treatment plant. Lescure Engineers, Inc. also provided engineering and construction oversight for flood damage remediation and floodwall construction funded by FEMA and CAL/EMA. Upgrade of the Graton CSD wastewater treatment facilities from secondary pond treatment to tertiary level has been completed. Innovative technology includes the Schreiber Fuzzy Filter, Heron Innovators SAF and Ryan Technologies pasteurization / cogeneration disinfection system. The project has an excellent record of Title 22 Compliance and was awarded an ACEC-CA Engineering Excellence Award in 2015.

Town of Yountville – Edward James Courtyard

In 2014 Lescure Engineers prepared parking and ADA access improvement plans for The Thomas Keller Group for the Edward James Courtyard, formerly the James Beard Courtyard, at the site of The French Laundry Restaurant and Bouchon Bakery. Lescure Engineers also provided construction staking services. After construction was completed in 2015, the Town of Yountville contracted with Lescure Engineers to furnish a legal description for the public sidewalk easement.

City of Santa Rosa / West Yost / MACTEC – Summerfield Water Main & Tanks

Lescure Engineers provided topographic and construction surveying for the City of Santa Rosa’s Summerfield Road Water Main Replacement and Reservoir project. This project included 3 miles of water line and a 1 acre tank site. Lescure Engineers’ surveyors performed the utilities location work including sub-surface location and mapping. Easements descriptions were required through the tank site for public access to Annadel State Park.

City of Santa Rosa – Annexation of 18 City Owned Properties

Peter J. Lescure, PE and Jon Olin, PLS are currently working with the City of Santa Rosa on a project to annex 18 City-owned parcels. These parcels include Youth Community Park on Fulton Road, several parcels used for spray irrigation of wastewater located near the Laguna Regional Treatment Plant and two water tank sites. Mr. Lescure coordinated Environmental and Cultural Resource assessments provided by other local consultants resulting in a Negative Declaration determination. Legal descriptions and plats have been prepared for a unified LAFCO annexation application. .

California Department of General Services – Sonoma Developmental Boundary Survey

Lescure Engineers conducted a boundary survey of the approximately 1,600 acres Sonoma Developmental Center. The purpose of the survey was to enable the State to transfer excess public lands to Jack London State Park and Sonoma Valley Regional Parks. The land had not been surveyed since the 19th Century. Research and analysis entailed translation of documents written in Spanish and signed by Mexican Governor Mariano Vallejo. Lescure services included historical records research and analysis, boundary survey, aerial photogrammetry, topographic mapping, Record of Survey and easements. Mr. Lescure is the surveyor-of-record for the Sonoma Developmental Center Survey which was awarded the CELSOC Engineering Excellence Merit Award in 2002 as further described below.

Sonoma County Surveyor – Napa-Sonoma County Boundary – “Kingsbury Line” Tract 6

At the request and direction of the Sonoma County Surveyor, this re-survey of the original line run in 1877 by J.T. Kingsbury, C.E. Deputy Surveyor General between Station 963+21 (Stake # 19) and Station 1236+50 (Stake # 24) was performed using the control network set by another Kingsbury Line team firm. As directed, no vertical component was established or maintained during either the control or retracement surveys. Lescure Engineers submitted Records of Survey to both Napa and Sonoma counties.

Gualala Redwoods / Sonoma Land Trust – Jenner Headlands Boundary & Access Easement

Lescure Engineers performed a boundary survey of the 5,630 acre property then owned by Gualala Redwoods which is now the Jenner Headlands Preserve. Pete Lescure filed a Record of Survey and wrote a legal description for the access easement from Willig Drive in Jenner. .

Sonoma County Agricultural and Open Space District – Santa Angelina Ranch

Lescure Engineers performed a boundary survey of the 7,800 acre Santa Angelina Ranch owned by the McMicking Family. A Record of Survey was filed and a legal description was written for the conservation easement acquired by Sonoma County Agricultural and Open Space District.

Peter J. Lescure, P.E.






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